New projects, new positions

After leaving ENI, I held new positions, some by government appointment, and began to work in the petrochemical sector again.

After making a significant contribution to the group’s creation, in December 1985 I joined the Board of Directors and Executive Board of TAMOIL ITALIA S.p.A and then of TAMOIL S.A. (Geneva), TAMOIL RAFFINERIE S.A. and RAFFINERTE del SUD-OUEST (RSO).
Also with the TAMOIL Group, I became the manager of the "Industrial Sector" at OIL INVEST (holding company of the affiliates of TAMOIL, subsidiary of Libya’s National Oil Corporation).

In the decade from 1996 to 2006, I held a number of positions, and in particular:

  • Member of the Executive Board of UNIONE PETROLIFERA - Rome
  • Chairman of OCRIM S.p.A. - Cremona, a company that designs and builds plants for the food industry
  • CEO of KPL Packaging, a company in the German group Körber AG Hamburg, tasked with overseeing the company’s development and restructuring.
  • The assignment ended quickly, to the Shareholders’ complete satisfaction
  • In August 2001, I was appointed by government decree as "Special Administrator" of Flexider S.p.A. Flexider’s main activity is the production of flexible stainless-steel components for the car industry and the oil sector.
  • I was appointed by government decree as "Special Administrator" for the GRACI Group in Catania, whose main activities were related to public works including railways, motorways, and dams.The Group had about 600 employees.

In parallel, I did consulting work for:

  • DE NORA - PERMELEC - MILAN (designing and building electrochemical plants)
  • AIR PRODUCTS (U.S.A.) and FLUIDCARBON (VOLVO-Sweden group) for new coal technologies.
  • ERG SPA Group for the oil industry’s downstream sector (refining and distribution).

In May 2004, by Decree of the Ministry of Productive Activities, I was named consultant for studying the problems existing in the Priolo Petrochemical Centre, in particular "with the purpose of identifying the types of productive investments capable of capitalizing on potential".

Since october 2015:
Strategic Advisor to Synhelion SA (Lugano, Switzerland) a company active in research and development of technologies for the production of chemical fuels from renewable energy sources.

More precisely, Synhelion in close cooperation with the Polytechnic of Zürich, is developing a very challenging project aimed to producing a liquid fuel (fuel methanol) from CO2 and water by a redox process promoted by highly concentrated solar energy. The availability of a “carbon neutral fuel” would represent a substantial contribution to the solution of the problem of Green House Gases.