Between research and industry

DI discussed my first twenty years of work, and in particular my happy (for me!) situation of being able to perform research and academic activity in parallel with a career in the world of industry, in the first section of this site (University and Research) to which reference should be made.

Here, on the other hand, I will discuss my gradual commitment to the management side, despite my research and teaching activity.

In 1964, Montecatini reorganized its research activities and placed me in charge of a new structure (Unified Institute of Basic Research) tasked with carrying out all the activities aimed at new products and new processes, and with coordinating the activities to develop the already existing products and processes entrusted to the Production Divisions’ Research Centres.

The Institute included the historical Guido Donegani Centre in Novara, the Ronzoni Institute, and the Ferrara Centre.

Managerial responsibilities slowly gained the upper hand and, although I continued my teaching at the Polytechnic, my direct participation in the performance of research diminished until being abandoned altogether.

December 1965 saw the Montecatini – Edison merger that gave rise to Montedison.

The new firm was structured in Divisions, each headed by two managers: one from Montecatini and the other from Edison. The only exception was made for the Research and Development Division, for which I was appointed sole manager.