Activity in the industrial sector

Since october 2015
Strategic Advisor to Synhelion SA (Lugano, Switzerland) a company active in research and development of technologies for the production of liquid fuels from renewable energy sources.

More precisely, Synhelion in close cooperation with the Polytechnic of Zürich, is developing a very challenging project aimed to producing a liquid fuel (fuel methanol) from CO2 and water by a oxido-reduction process promoted by highly concentrated solar energy. The availability of a “carbon neutral fuel” would represent a substantial contribution to the solution of the problem of Green House Gases.

Activities in the industrial sector carried out as “Special Administrator” (Commissario Straordinario) (2)

“Special Administrator” of Fornara Group (Torino) and Ferdofin Group (Torino). Main activities in the iron and steel industry.
1Pubblico ufficiale
2In Italy the "Special Administration" can be applied to big industrial Groups in a crisis situation (similarly to what can happen in the U.S. by applying the "Chapter 11" procedure). The "Special Administrator" (Commissario Straordinario) is appointed by the Minister of Industry and acts as a "Public Official".